Puppies | Malinois - 3 males & 4 females - born 2007-03-06 |
Sire: PH Lei-Anns Zak | Dame: KORAD Salambo du Baiser Orageux


PH Lei-Anns Zak
Born 2002-06-28

HD Free (A), Artros 0/0 (ua)
Mentaltest 2003-10-05
Tjh, Police dog.


KORAD Salambo du Baiser Orageux
Born 2001-11-05

HD Free (A), Elbows 0/0 (ua), Eyes: Clear 04-07-15
Mentaltest 2003-10-05, MH
expectations and history

We expect stable dogs with very high working ability, yet with the typical Belgian temper. We also expect dogs with a very good exterior. Maybe not dogs that are specialty winner, but still well-built dogs that are coming with the typical belgian type and proportions.

A short health, mental and exterior summary of Sallys first litter:
The offspring are neutral when handling them, very high in playing, following, catching and strugling with object, low in frightness, relative good in curiosity and all gunproof. All with bite o.k. but one dog p.m. 2 missing. 5 out of 8 are x-rayed in hips and elbows, one female with a easy remark on a elbow, besides that no more remarks. All males with testicles o.k. 7 of them have been at shows, 3 with Hp and best puppy in puppyclass, 1 with first price and Hp from youngsters class, 2 with first price youngsters class and 1 coming from junior class was awarded with BOB.

Photos - ZAK
Photos - sally
Lei-Anns Zak
Lei-Anns Nitrolit
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Vera De La Fontaine Du Buis
Pamh Garo Du Mont Egnus
Liza Du Virage
Lei-Anns Olivia KORAD S BCH
Jerv Des Loups Mutins
Dundee Du Pont Des Bergers
Eagles Des Loups Mutins
Zagal's Yma Ultra Du Domaine Du Cameleon
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Salambo du Baiser Orageux
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Gawrain Du Maugré
Mira Van Balderlo
Bea-Meta V D Oudenakker Silvo-Rakki V D Oudenakker
Meta Des Ardents Fauves
Pharamineuse Du Baiser Orageux FRCH
Altis Du Mas Des Lavandes
Pollux Du Mas Des Lavandes
Sandy Du Mas Des Lavandes
Junon Du Chemin De Keromen FRCH
D'mj De La Vallee De Forges
Doris Du Chemin De Keromen
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