Our Norwegian Forest Cats

Cats are dear friend and companions that more or less have been hanging around our feet for a really long time, dear company to us and to some of the dogs ; ) From the early years we had _“a cat”_ we call the breed, housecat, a native European breed, developing mainly without human interference, these cats comes always without pedigree. Well our beloved housecat was called “Ante”; he had that typical cat-character headstrong, independent but still sociable when he was in the mood for it. Ante a really dear friend died in 2003, just a bit over 13 years.

In 2000, some years before Ante passed away, we bought our first pure bred cat, a solid black Norwegian Forest Cat, and her name is Svea. Her breeder, Birgitta, comes from a minor village, Rimbo, which is situated about 70 km northeast from Stockholm. Svea has had a litter of kittens that was born in June 2005.

The second N. Forest Cat that arrived to us was S*Ixa’s Chroma NFO a, she was born in 2002 and also had a couple of litters from who we have saved some offspring’s. Chroma was shown and was awarded exc.1. Unfortunately Chroma had cancer and passed away in 2006, dearly missed by all of us. Under “Links” you find a link to the breeders of Chroma. Many hugs and thanks Anna-Ida and Tony for a beautiful cat, she really was a wonderful companion and also a good mother.

Our third N. Forest Cat was S*Los Gatos Balrog, a strong headed male. From the beginning Balrog have serious taken his part as dominant male in our cat-crowd, always placing himself at the best spots, so he have full control of what’s going on. Balrog is also the proud father of our litters. In 2006 we decided to have him neutered. Under “Links” you find a link to the breeders of Balrog. Of course we also want to thank Balrog’s breeders, Katarina and Jesper, our best wishes and lots of hugs to both of you.

The result of our own breeding have increased our “cat-crowd” of Norwegian Forest Cats, with some kitten’s kept and Chroma gone the “cat flock” nowadays consist of 5 cats.

Beside the cats above we also have:
S*Thinice Lorelei, NFO g, female.
S*Thinice Lamia, NFO f09, female.
S*Thinice Mr Fat Louie, NFO a, male that’s neutered.

You can find some photos of the cats down below.

We also have an “outsider”, in the stable among all the horses we have a housecat, “Afrodite”, she rules and manage to keep the stable free from rats and mices. She feels like a queen when she’s picked up by someone and placed inside the jacket.

As proud breeders we want to take the opportunity to give lots of greetings and hugs to Annelie Bergman, she is the owner of S*Thinice Mandragora NFO g. Annelie have been caring for and showing S*Thinice Mandragora to GIC. Annelie breeds NFO under the prefix “Froztstjärnan”, you can find the link to Annelie under the page “Links”.

For more info regarding cat-breeders and cat-clubs you can also look under ”Links”.

Svea, NFO n, Sverak RX 166235

Svea is solid black, born aug 2000. Svea has been shown once and was awarded CAC, Svea didn’t fancy shows, that’s why she can stay at home from now.



S*Los Gatos Balrog, NFO d, Sverak LO 190068

Balrog is a big red and neutered male, he is born in maj 2003. Balrog is father to the 3 litters that we have had, 2 litters with S*Ixa’s Chroma and 1 litter with Svea. We showed him once and our plan was to show him more, but his opinion was, it’s better at home.



S*Thinice Lorelei, NFO g, female

A female from our own breeding that we have kept at home, she is born jan. 2005. We have shown her and she was awarded with CAC.



S*Thinice Lamia, NFO f09, female

Also a female from our own breeding that we have kept at home, she is born jan. 2005. Yet not showed.



S*Thinice Mr Fat Louie, NFO a, male that’s neutered

Satisfied to hunt flies, and dogtails, has a big interest in eating and sleeping.


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